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So, I found a job and after two days realised it's not really something I feel comfortable with. Also, since there's no actual scheduling on my shifts I can't really say when I'll be able to draw anything (if at all) and when not. After talking to my family and friends (and also quite a lot of introspection), this is what I plan to do next:

1) For the time being, use a portion of my free time to do some elaborate drawings and see how many I can manage to finish before the end of the month, mostly because I haven't done it in a long time, but also to measure my timing and the such. AND TO THOSE WHO DECIDED TO WATCH ME BECAUSE OF PONY ART, REJOICE!: THE FIRST ONE I PLAN TO DO IS MLP RELATED!

2)Once the month ends and so does my contract, I'll quit my current job and take a while to crystallize the path I'll take to accomplish the following two points.

3) After quitting, I plan to find a way to study by myself and prepare for next year and apply for college once more, though whether or not I'll apply for the same school is uncertain.

4)Once the point above has been taken care of, I'll try to find a new job, actually contemplating options I'd like instead of rushing it and applying for the first place with a "Help wanted" sign on it (seriously, think before doing; don't make the same mistake I did).

After that... who knows? Making good decisions in life has never been a strong point, but let's see how this turns out. Until next time, Shadow signing off.
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David Tec
My mind is full of... I'm not sure what to call it, but you get the idea...

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